November 07, 2016

MUTUAL FUND INVESTMENTS ARE SUBJECT TO MARKET RISKS Read all Scheme related documents carefully!

Dear Investors,
Above Headlines as per SEBI guidelines all mutual fund advertisement,scheme documents print in the very small font.I think most of us unable to read also.I like to share with you few  AMFI data as on October 31,2016.
  • Total Number of Investor accounts/Folio cross More than Five Crore
  • Total Number of SIP Investor account alone cross more than 1 Crore Mark..
  • Total Asset under  management  all scheme more than 16 LAKHS CRORE.
  Thank you for all Investors participate in the Journey and Great Success  .Please share with your Friends and Family members.Understand the Market Risk  Carefully ,Choose the Scheme Carefully and Invest Today .More detail contact us.Mutual Fund Agent AMFI Registration Number ARN-928 .Mobile Number +91 98400 44721

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